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About Us

The Monroe Masters Plumbers Association is a gathering of acclaimed contractors from Ohio and Michigan who have combined their talents under one banner to better serve both their community and their own interests. By banding together in this manner we seek to provide a host of unique advantages to our communities and to the businesses involved and enhance the capabilities of the area’s contractors by offering them a strong support system and a number of valuable resources. Of course, what’s better for said contractors is better for their clients as well, as their participation in the Monroe Plumbers Association will make these already great businesses even stronger, granting them, and you, a number of additional opportunities.

How does the Monroe Plumbers Association benefit you, the consumer?

  • By outfitting the businesses under our bannerhead with additional resources, education and benefits so that they might better serve their clients
  • By providing potential consumers with a list of highly reputable, fully licensed contractors who are more than qualified to work in a diverse array of applications and settings
  • By increasing community awareness concerning the businesses included in the MMPA, thus making you aware of fantastic options which you might have otherwise unknowingly passed by
  • By uniting the contractors of the MMPA under a carefully drafted set of rules, regulations and standards to ensure customer satisfaction
  • By standardizing and regulating materials, measurements and costs to be sure you’ll always know exactly what you’re getting

When you hire one of the contractors represented by the MMPA, you can be sure to receive the very best. Only contractors who have truly proven themselves as reliable, knowledgeable and skilled may gain entry. We know that choosing a contractor can be a stressful process. One who is ill equipped to do the job you might assign them can do a great deal of damage, and even if the job is done properly there is always the danger of unfair pricing or other manipulation. You won’t have to worry about that when you select a MMPA-approved contractor. The Members of the Monroe Plumbers Association are leaders in their field, among the finest contractors in the Ohio and Michigan area. They are highly proficient, eminently fair in terms of the funds and time commitments their work requires and possess and expert-level knowledge of their craft. Their work encompasses everything from heating/HVAC work to plumbing to welding to general contracting and more. Whatever you might require from a contractor, at least one of the members of the Monroe Master Plumbers Association is ready and able to perform that task.

Remember, hiring a contractor who is a member of the MMPA is basically a guarantee, a promise of excellence. We guarantee that each of the contractors represented on this site possess a complete mastery of their craft and a deep knowledge of their field. But don’t take our word for it. Contact a member of the Monroe Master Plumbers Association today and see the difference for yourself.

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