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R.A. Rush Plumbing & Heating Co. Inc.

rush-plumbingSince 1970, R.A. Rush Plumbing & Heating Co. has been serving the people of Michigan and Ohio, providing them with a host of services and products to fill all of their plumbing and heating-related needs. They began on Sylvania-Petersburg Road in Ottawa Lake, Michigan (one mile away from the Ohio border) and there they have remained all these years later. In fact, their company has changed a great deal, but not in terms of the quality of their services or the expertise of their workers. Throughout the years their business has in fact expanded, taking on a host of new responsibilities and rising to the occasion at every turn. They now work in both commercial and residential applications and have aided and enhanced a huge array of businesses, including strip malls, restaurants, offices, factories and apartment buildings, performing both heating and plumbing services for all as required. They can do the same for you today.

R.A. Rush Plumbing and Heating performs many services, including:

  • Boiler installation and/or repair
  • Water heater installation or repair
  • Drain or vent maintenance
  • Installation of plumbing for fixtures
  • Repiping and other extensive plumbing projects
  • Pipe or heating repairs
  • Medical gas piping
  • Installation of piping or heating system for commercial, industrial and residential applications

One of the largest projects ever undertaken by R.A. Rush Plumbing & Heating Co. was their revamping of the Marshall Elementary School in Toledo, OH. Working in tandem with representatives from the school to ensure that each and every one of their needs were met, R.A. Rush installed brand new plumbing to all toilets, sinks and showers to make sure each was able to operate at peak efficiency. They tuned up the school’s water heaters, optimized their water coolers and generally improved and fine tuned every plumbing-related fixture in the building. They even installed all new kitchen equipment, making sure that all plumbing and gas lines were properly configured. That’s an example of a major project, an undertaking of almost a year, and it’s an example of the commitment of R.A. Rush as well as their overall level of expertise. No matter what the size of your project might be, R.A. Rush will get it done, and do so with a tremendous amount of skill.

Accredited by the EPA, the Better Business Bureau, the UA, the Women’s Business Enterprise and the NAWIC, R.A. Rush Plumbing and Heating Co is standing by to assist you. Call today and benefit from their decades of experience.

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