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It’s easy to see how the Monroe Master Plumber’s Association benefits consumers, but what about the businesses it contains? Why would a contractor want to join the MMPA? What would they have to gain?

First of all, entry into the MMPA says a great deal about your business, both to your competition and to potential clients. That’s because we at the MMPA have extremely high standards about the businesses we welcome into our family. Only contractors who possess a deep knowledge of their craft, fair and transparent business practices and the skill to backup their promises every time are allowed entry. Potential clients in the know will implicitly trust your business and its representatives based upon your entry alone. The MMPA was created with two main goals:

  1. To ensure that expert contractors receive the support and continuing education they require to continue to perform at an exceptional level.
  2. To assist potential clients in finding reputable contractors whom they could truly rely upon.

In pursuit of these goals we offer members the following advantages:

  • Social functions and meetings wherein one’s field may be discussed with peers and information, ideas and contacts may be exchanged for the betterment of both parties.
  • Continued education seminars where you will be updated on the latest advances in your field, as well as any new items, materials or tools you might want to consider adding to your repertoire.
  • A document library full of helpful information should you require guidance on a particular subject.
  • A positive association with the other acclaimed members of the MMPA.
  • Additional advertising to help get the word out about your company.
  • A community board wherein you can ask related questions and receive answers from your peers and trusted professionals.
  • A regularly delivered newsletter full of information relevant to your field.
  • Regulated pricing and clearly defined rules and regulations drafted to ensure that you never overpay for materials and never mistakenly overcharge your customers.
  • Camaraderie and support from likeminded individuals who have your best interests at heart.

Basically, the Monroe Master Plumber’s Association is a fantastic networking opportunity, a chance for highly skilled contractors to band together to share information, streamline their companies, dictate pricing standards and other regulations as a group, learn more about their fields and gain all the benefits associated with that shared knowledge and the additional resources offered to each and every one of our members. Joining the MMPA benefits you in ways which will likewise benefit your clients, and along the way you’ll gain a great support system and a reputation for excellence. You truly have everything to gain from becoming a member and essentially nothing to lose, so if you think you have what it takes to join the MMPA why not apply for membership today? Only the finest applicants will receive entry, but should you be accepted your business will soon prove to be stronger than ever under our guidance and with our assistance. Contact us today for consideration.

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